Holds current U.S. 0-1B Extraordinary Ability Visa for work in the United States.

My love of storytelling through cinematography began during my time at The Queensland College of Art in Brisbane, Australia. It was here that I shot and collaborated on as many films, music videos and projects as I could, learning the craft and forming my own style and approach.

In 1999 I was accepted into the Master of Arts in Cinematography course at the prestigious Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS) where I had the incredible opportunity to experiment and find out what I liked and didn't like in the process of creating a project.

My early work in documentaries gave me invaluable skills in discovering sublety and emotion in stories. I also found myself working with and manipulating available lighting, which has become a tool I use in commercials and drama.

During the  last 15 years, Jason has photographed over 200 commercials locally and internationally and has shot music videos for artists including the Megan Washington, The Living End, Kate Miller Heidki, Darren Hayes and dozens of other artists.

In 2012 Jason gained his accreditation with the Australian Cinematographer's Society, the highest honour the ACS can bestow upon it's members which allows him to use the letters ACS after his name.

Jason has won over 40 National & International awards for his Cinematography.  He continues to seek new opportunities with new Directors and is inspired by the awesome people he loves to work with every day. I love nothing more than to create memorable, captivating images using light, and manipulation of lenses.